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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

These are things we already know, or at least implicitly understand. Unlike Marian, Amma played along.

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The day Amma is arrested in the novel, Camille slips a knife up her sleeve and finally cuts into the one part of her body she has left pure. Ground it back and forth until the skin was shredded in scribbly cuts. Curry broke in just before I went for my face. Eileen and Curry treat her like their child.

The last few lines of the article that Camille writes and Curry reads aloud on the show are actually the last lines of the novel. I waver between the two, especially at night, when my skin begins to pulse. Already a subscriber?

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Sharp Objects

Amy Adams as Camille. Tags: sharp objects tv sharp objects ending adaptations sharp objects finale books hbo gillian flynn More. Sharp Objects lives up to its title in an incisive, painful second episode. The Gillian Flynn novel adaptation pulls you in with its mystery of missing girls, and keeps you with its exploration of complex women. Sharp Objects.

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  • Will 'Sharp Objects' Be On Netflix UK? Here's Where You Can Stream The HBO Thriller.
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