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During the last decade the focus of traditional biology and medicine has shifted to a stronger interconnection of the two disciplines particularly in view of the growing relevance of stem cell research for medicine.

The Master's courses at the CMCB are very international as you can see in the charts below for the years We have students from all over the world, e. The Master's program combines theory with extensive practical experience in the research laboratory. The rotations prepare them thoroughly for the Master's thesis to be done in the 4th semester and gives them a unique opportunity to take part in the research at the Biopolis campus.

Decision will be made based on performance and reference letters. Admitted candidates enter the PhD program without completing the Master's degree. Admitted students may either directly enter the PhD program without completing the Master's degree or first complete the MSc, and then join the PhD program.

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The major share of teaching in the Master's program is covered by the CRTD professors and their assistants. The course will qualify students for work in life sciences. The students will acquire in depth knowledge of molecular, cellular and developmental biology with specific theoretical and practical application of in vitro and in vivo stem cell work relevant to regeneration and novel human therapeutic approaches.

Regenerative Biology and Medicine

Choosing the best animal model for every experiment is a cornerstone of the research approach taken by Davis Center scientists. For example, the zebrafish, a common aquarium specimen, possesses the remarkable ability to rapidly replace damaged and lost body parts including limbs, heart, and nervous system, making it an ideal model for defining the genetic mechanisms of regeneration and healing and for identifying drug candidates for use in regenerative medicine.

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Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

The tiny roundworm C. Research in the Davis Center is designed to lead to the identification of therapies that will enhance repair and regenerative processes in humans. Such therapies hold significant potential for treating devastating diseases and injuries and for slowing or reversing the degenerative changes that occur with chronic disease and aging.

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