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Embedding Justice and Equity in Organizations | NAAEE

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The paper also reviews how resources are currently shared in Kenya and then looks at how public resources are distributed in India and South Africa, drawing lessons from these examples. This brief looks at the state of revenue sharing in Kenya as it relates to the distribution of inequalities. The brief also examines the large and critical data gaps and recommends further collection and publication of data.

Equity and Justice Too often, public finances are viewed through the narrow lens of technical efficiency, or with an outsized emphasis on fiscal discipline to the exclusion of other important values. How People Think About Fairness and Why It Matters for Equitable Budgets May How can we build a moral case for equitable budgets and redistributive policies that will resonate with a broad cross-section of society?

Reframing Public Finance: Promoting Justice, Democracy, and Human Rights in Government Budgets February This paper outlines the elements of a proposal to reframe debates around public finance and government budgets, drawing on the inter-related concepts of justice, democracy, and human rights, and putting more emphasis on issues of equity, sustainability, effectiveness and inclusion.

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Justice, Equity and Technology

Kenya Equity Week Kenya Equity Week is a national week of reflection on issues of equity in resource distribution featuring a series of events highlighting views and ideas related to equity emerging from academia, civil society, government, the arts community, development organisations, and citizens. February 21, April 30, April 11, Results From A National Survey.

  • Social justice and equity: key principles for guiding action on the right to education.
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  • Vice President, Racial Justice and Equity - League of Conservation Voters.

December 21, August 11, Budget Brief No. August 20, Sharing Resources in Kenya.

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August 19, Contact :. Home College of Law Resources Journals Social Justice and Equity Law Journal Social Justice and Equity Law Journal The Willamette Journal of Social Justice and Equity is a student-run publication that serves as an interdisciplinary academic forum for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to contribute to society's understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social justice and equity.

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  8. In their presentation they will convey updates to the current board crisis in this country. Specifically, I'll talk about: S.

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