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A hilarious frolic, especially for fans of Shaun of the Dead. He looked as surprised as I felt. Jonah was the kind of guy who strained to open a jar of pickles.

Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

The overhead lights popped on. I happened to be looking straight at them; my corneas felt like they were frying.

I turned toward the blurry figure standing by the door. We were sitting with our heads close together, practically whispering. Someone's been a very bad zombie.

Review: Bad Taste In Boys by Carrie Harris

Delacorte Books , Carrie Harris: Bad Taste in Boys. Polaris Near the end of the book, readers discover the answers to dozens of questions that arise throughout, including why Kate felt responsible for solving the zombie outbreak, why coach slipped his players this zombie serum in the first place, how the zombie virus could be reversed, and what happens to those responsible for creating this chaos in the first place. I was extremely curious, too, what the later effects would be on the players and on the school.

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  • An extra chapter or two exploring this or perhaps leaking some of these questions a little sooner may have tightened it up for me. That said, Bad Taste in Boys is a light paranormal read, brimming with laugh-out-loud moments and a lot of zombies. Pass this book off to your paranormal fans, as well as those who humorous stories.

    Bad Taste in Boys

    I'm almost finished with this one. I have 50 pages left and it is hilarious. Although I'm more grossed out by all the puking going on than the dismembered body parts. Still, I also love that this book doesn't take itself too seriously and has you laughing from the very first page. I'm very excited to go to the launch party for this book tomorrow in Ann Arbor. Can't wait!