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By the time Jesus finally arrived in Bethany, Lazarus had been dead for four days — long enough for his body to begin decomposing!

You know how the story ends… Jesus stands in front of the stinking grave and calls Lazarus out. Imagine performing CPR on a four-day dead body! You get the point. Small difference in spelling, big difference in impact! If our spiritual lives lack power over sin and death, then the Jesus we believe in was merely revived on the cross after swooning for a few hours as some religions claim. O Death, where is your victory? O Death, where is your sting?

It should not be reprinted or translated without written permission from the author. Crying while reading this.. I need to die to sin. I believe in a Jesus who died, and rose on the 3rd day. Psalm — Sermon Tone Analysis.


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There is no searching of his understanding. The title to my sermon is Resuscitation. Let us pray. The medical world has prided itself in making this information available to the masses and because of the flow of knowledge many lives have been saved. Organizations like the American Red Cross begin to provide training at local chapters.


The technique begin to be practiced, demonstrated, taught, and proven over and over again until it is known by almost everyone who has ever went to school in America. This has saved countless lives! No matter how much knowledge we have of CPR when we need it for ourselves we can never administer it to ourselves. This leaves us dependent on those around us. Will they know that your heart has stopped beating in time to provide early CPR? Will they know how to do it correctly?

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Will they freeze under pressure or panic? Will they remember their last training class on CPR? It is thought that the training begins to fade in about 3 months after learning. This is for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals as well. So I gave you all this backstory not to scare you, but to prepare you. The same can go for our Spiritual CPR techniques.

These were the Old Testament standards of spiritual health, and the vital signs of revival. Here we find the vital signs of New Testament Christianity. Look for them as you study this section of the book of John. This New Covenant era would be characterized by His absence at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us , His presence in the Person of the Holy Spirit living within us as our Comforter , and by His imminent return for us. There would be many phenomenal blessings for committed followers of Jesus under these arrangements.

When we fail to abide in Christ, we wither; when we abide in Him, we prosper.

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In this important passage of Scripture, we can see the blessings Jesus taught us to expect under the new covenant:. And we can see all of these in the book of Acts, which records what actually happened with the Christians when Jesus went back to Heaven.

They were healthy, as the vital signs indicated. When our Christian lives reflect these blessings, we are healthy. When they lack these things, something is wrong, we are ill spiritually and in need of revival. It is apparent from the books of John and Acts that most believers in our day need reviving, as do the great majority of churches. The issue now is how we can be brought out of our sad condition.

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And the Bible tells us exactly and plainly how this is done. James —10 is one of the clearest revival passages in the New Testament, and it reflects the principles of every Old Testament revival passage directed to the nation of Israel. Revivals in all ages are based upon the same principles; only the results differ, based on what covenant is in force.

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We are guaranteed spiritual resuscitation if we will do certain things. Remember that revival in the New Testament is about restoring the abundant life described in John 13 through It is only indirectly about closing saloons, changing society, reducing crime, and seeing vast numbers of conversions.

We make a mistake if we try to define revival from history. By one historical definition of the term, a revival is the advancement of religion at a certain period in a certain place. This is the result of a widespread revival, in the Biblical sense. When Christians live the abundant life, they see prayers answered, live lives worthy of their Lord, and win many to Jesus. But the revival biblically speaking happens in their own hearts before anything happens in the world around them. Remember what Jesus said in John —39 about the effect of believers being filled with the Holy Spirit!

The Spirit gushes out from their innermost selves and touches the multitude around them. Revival is the spiritual resuscitation of Christians.